What is the best type of roof for a conservatory?

You may be shopping around conservatory installers in South Wales to see what replacement roofs are on the market. With so many choices and so much information, where do you even start? The experts at Falcon Installations are here to help by breaking down each roof option to make your choice a little easier.

Glass conservatory roofs

Glazed extension with roof lantern white walls

Appreciate outstanding views of the outside world with a glazed conservatory roof. These roofs allow in more light than any other conservatory roof option, achieving the ultimate well-lit space. Regular cleaning is required to remove the build-up of any dirt and to keep your glass conservatory roof looking in tip-top shape. However, self-cleaning glass options may be available to save yourself the hassle.

The Ultrasky roof skylight is a great alternative to a fully glazed roof. They’re renowned for their stunning, elegant looks. The roof has a high-spec design, good thermal efficiency and available in an extensive range of colours and customisable finishes to ensure the conservatory roof complements your existing home.

Polycarbonate roofs

A popular conservatory roof choice for a number of years, primarily due to its low cost. Its poor thermal efficiency does mean that external heating is required to maintain a comfortable temperature. Polycarbonate also has a bad reputation for being very noisy, especially during heavy rainstorms.

Solid conservatory roofs

ultraroofSolid roofs don’t let in as much natural light as it’s glass and polycarbonate equivalents, but they have many more considerable upsides. With increased roof insulation, the solid roof’s thermal efficiency can be unrivalled and saving you large amounts of money on your energy bills.

We have a varied offering of solid roofs that can be finished in tiles or slate. Alternatively, we offer the incredible Ultraroof 380 with clear panels to allow more light to enter the room. This roofing option often allows for more lighting options.

It’s important to consider what you plan on using your conservatory for when deciding which roof is right for you. If your main consideration is light, a glass or Ultrasky roof is the right option for you. Conversely, if you want your conservatory to closely resemble an extension, a solid or Ultraroof is more appropriate.

Conservatory installers for your South Wales home

Interesting in learning more about which conservatory roof option is right you?

Get in touch with the expert team at Falcon. Pop into our showroom in Bridgend, give us a call on 01656 646 047 or contact us online.

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