Another incredible conservatory installed in Cardiff

Green ultraframe solid roof conservatoryOne of our more recent installations took us to a quaint area in Cardiff known as Fairwater. It was there that we were tasked with installing a new conservatory for Mr Palfrery, our now satisfied customer. We set out to make his new extension the very best it could be, taking into account the requirements and expectations of Mr Palfrery.

A built-to-last conservatory

Durabase construction with brick red dwarf wallsAs standard, we began by installing the base of the conservatory in Fairwater. At Falcon Installations, we regularly use the Falcon Steel Base for our projects. The Falcon Steel Base is the one of the market-leading steel conservatory base systems for a reason. Boasting efficient installation times and guaranteed durability, a Falcon Steel Base conservatory base doesn’t compromise on any area of the process, whilst still providing you with a foundation that’s energy-efficient and fully customisable.

An aesthetically distinct conservatory design

Mr Palfrery’s conservatory was designed with uPVC windows and doors both inside and out, with the colour chosen to be Chartwell green. This is just one option out of the many available from Falcon Installations and it complements the design of the conservatory perfectly. The stark shade of green makes this conservatory stand out and is currently of the most popular colours in our range.

Both the walls and ceiling of the conservatory were plastered to create a warm cosy feel and making this extension to the house an all-year-round usable room. Whilst doing this, we took care of installing the electrics for the conservatory. We also installed spotlights in the ceiling of the conservatory to implement lighting that didn’t interfere with the aesthetics. Mr Palfrery’s conservatory is unique in its appearance, giving him an extension to be proud of.

A superior conservatory roof option

Ultraframe Chartwell green conservatoryOne of the most important parts of a conservatory is the roof, and Mr. Palfrery understood this, which is why he opted for the incredible Ultraroof 380. The Ultraroof 380 is as good as any conservatory roof can be, thanks to a number of notable features. Just like the Falcon Steel Base conservatory foundation, the Ultraroof 380 is incredibly easy to install, which assists us in carrying out our installations swiftly.

The model that we installed for Mr Palfrery’s conservatory included multiple skylights, allowing for even more natural light to be let in. The tiled properties of the roof help ensure that it’s both lightweight and strong, as well as weather-resistant and energy-efficient.

The finishing touches that complete a conservatory

Whilst the performance and design of the conservatory itself are undeniably the most important elements of the installation process, it’s the finishing touches that truly make it something special. When it came to Mr Palfrery’s conservatory, we fitted chrome handles to the windows and French doors we’d included. The merging of the chrome handles with the Chartwell green uPVC really brings out the best in both aspects of the conservatory. Finished off with a mounted heater, this cosy conservatory is ready to be used all year round.

Falcon Installations

Just like Mr. Palfrery, you could add an extension to your home that excels in every way. If you’re looking for something other than a conservatory, we also offer a wide range of windows, doors, porches and other products. We have been helping homeowners across South Wales from Barry and Cardiff to Newport and Swansea since 1990. For more information, you can contact us or browse our website.

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