A guide to conservatory lighting

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At Falcon Installations, we have installed hundreds of conservatories across South Wales. Our professional installation teams have the skills and experience to ensure that your home extension project is a complete success. Many of our customers ask us ‘what’s the best way to illuminate their conservatory?’ Here’s a handy guide for the different options available for conservatory lighting.

Recessed downlights

If your glazed extension has a plastered perimeter ceiling, downlights can be installed into the plasterwork. This option is particularly suited to the LivinRoom orangery. Halogen bulbs give downlights a bright but atmospheric quality. They will illuminate the interior of your home without too much light being lost through the large glazed areas.

Central fanlight

A popular choice for conservatory users across the country. A fanlight provides illumination and ventilation in one appliance. Both the fan and light can be individually activated by a central pull cord switch, a traditional wall switch, or even by remote control. A fanlight is a perfect choice for a warm still evening when you want to light your home and create a cooling flow of air.

Low level lighting

Floor lamps and table lamps provide a versatile lighting option. Wherever there’s a socket, a lamp can be positioned nearby. Lamps come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. They can be understated and blend into your interior décor or create a striking focal point to the room with a bold and original design.

Mounted wall lights

Your conservatory or orangery will usually have at least one solid wall. Wall lights can easily be mounted on the wall where your extension connects to the original building. Wall lights are stylish and convenient and can be positioned near a seating area where you can relax and read a book on a dark evening.

Outdoor lighting

Think outside the box by lighting up your garden. When you’re sitting in a well-lit conservatory and it’s dark outside, the large glass areas will act as mirrors, reflecting the interior and sometimes creating unwanted glare. Well-positioned garden lights in flower beds, along paths, or mounted on exterior walls or outbuildings will draw the eye and add an extra dimension to your conservatory’s interior.

Conservatories continue to retain their place as the UK’s favourite home extension. If you’re interested in a conservatory installation contact Falcon Installations today. Call us on 01656 646 047 or send us a message online.

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