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We’re proud to offer local homeowners throughout South Wales one of the most popular window styles currently available, with our Aluminium window range. Customisable to a plethora of innovative and modern configurations, aluminium windows are resistant to corrosion, thermally insulating and offer some of the sleekest aesthetics around.

Boasting an impressive lifespan of at least 30 years, our beautifully clean aluminium windows expertly resist the elements and consistently represent a sound financial investment. Choose from a selection of aluminium window styles including tilt & turn and casement, they’re easy to clean and require hardly any maintenance.

Why choose Aluminium windows from Falcon Installations?

  • Multi-chambered internal design allows for better insulation and stability
  • Incredibly weather resistant and draught proof
  • Glazing sizes between 25mm – 65mm
  • Single and dual colouring options allow for added personalisation
  • Capable of incorporating multi-point locking to enhance protection and security
  • A energy rated as standard
  • Each unit tailor made on a customer by customer basis
  • 10 year insurance-backed guarantee on every installation
  • FENSA and Trustmark registered installations

Exceedingly sleek and inherently strong

Our aluminium frames can be fitted to remain 3 times stronger than conventional uPVC windows, offering homeowners an impressive strength-to-weight ratio that allows larger panes of glass to be held, making for much more open outside views. This never disrupts the window’s incredibly clean lines, ensuring that natural light is always able to effortlessly enter your home.