How to clean a conservatory roof

light oak effect upvc conservatoryDue to the constant exposure to the weather and other sources of debris, a build-up of dirt on a conservatory roof is inevitable. Whilst it’s not the most glamorous of jobs, it’s important for maximising the visual appeal of your conservatory. So to help you keep yours looking great, we’ve created this short guide for cleaning a conservatory roof.

Getting prepared for the job

Girl with a mop cleaningFirstly, you need to gather the right tools so you can carry out the cleaning:

What you’ll need

  • A ladder and someone to hold it steady
  • Warm, soapy water
  • An extendable, non-abrasive sponge/brush which has the rubber squeegee part
  • Conservatory cleaning fluid (optional)
    Having someone to hold the ladder and an extendable brush is important for ensuring safety. Using such a method reduces the risk of falling off the ladder. Plus, you won’t have to climb onto your conservatory roof to clean it, meaning there’s no risk of you falling through it! Using a non-abrasive brush and soap instead of harsh cleaning chemicals will also ensure that your roof isn’t scratched or damaged.

    You can purchase a window cleaning brush/squeegee using the link here.

    Method for cleaning a conservatory roof

    Now that you have all your tools gathered, you can follow this straightforward method for cleaning:

  • Set-up the ladder on stable ground. Next, climb onto it, ensuring someone is with you to keep it steady. Having someone with you means they can pass you your tools as you go through the job too.
  • Get your extendable sponge/brush wet and begin applying the warm, soapy water over the roof. This will loosen any grime and residue that is present on the roof.
  • Begin scrubbing away any dirt, not forgetting to clean every part of the roof, including the frames. For persistent stains, applying conservatory cleaning fluid can make them easier to shift. However, you should be able to remove them yourself with enough elbow grease!
  • Ensure to rinse the roof thoroughly with clean water after you’ve finished cleaning it. After rinsing, you can achieve a better, streak-free finish by not allowing the roof to dry naturally. Using the rubber scraper part on your extendable squeegee, begin scraping excess water away from the roof.
    After following this method, any glass conservatory roof should be left sparkling. If you have an orangery, then the aforementioned method is perfectly suitable for cleaning its roof too.

    Tiled conservatory roofs reduce cleaning costs significantly

    If you’d like a to reduce the frequency of cleaning a conservatory roof, consider replacing a glass variant with a solid roof. These are a stylish, low maintenance conservatory roofing solution. Here at Falcon our experienced team can install one too.

    For more information on maintaining a conservatory, solid roofs or other conservatory roofing solutions, get in touch with Falcon today. Call our experienced team on 01656 646 047 or send us a message using our online contact form.

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