Loggia conservatory

At Falcon Installations, we are proud to offer the Loggia Conservatory from Ultraframe. Inspired by Italian Renaissance architecture, the Loggia Conservatory combines classic aesthetics with modern technology to create a beautiful glazed extension. Featuring a fully glazed roof and internally plastered walls; the Loggia provides excellent thermal performance and a comfortable living area all year round.

Loggia columns: Versatile structural strength

The Loggia Conservatory is designed on the principles of strength, durability, and style. Loggia columns are precision engineered to make them twice as energy efficient as an insulated cavity wall and up to 10 times more effective than standard double glazing. They will ensure your Loggia stays at an ambient temperature all year round.

The columns can be seamlessly integrated with all windows, doors, and masonry providing a smooth and uniform finish. The columns can be located in various positions around the perimeter; in between frames, at 90 degree external corners, against your property, or either side of door openings. This versatility helps to make the Loggia Conservatory perfect for all types of home.

If you choose to position your columns next to an existing wall, these columns feature an integrated hidden pocket which can house a rainwater pipe to drain the roof. The hidden pipe adds to the overall aesthetic by removing the need for a visible gutter and unsightly down pipe.

Loggia 2

Loggia features

When you want to extend your home but you’d like something slightly different from a standard conservatory or orangery; a Loggia Conservatory could be for you. Our Loggia Conservatories provide:

  • Solid construction which will last for years
  • Super insulated columns for excellent thermal efficiency
  • U-values of only 0.15 for highly effective insulating capacity
  • Internally plastered finish that replicates traditional masonry
  • A range of sizes and column configurations to suit any home

Invest in your home for the future

When you install a Loggia Conservatory, you make a solid investment in your home. The Loggia is built to last and will provide endless enjoyment for all the family to share. The value of your home will increase and you will be the envy of your neighbours, friends, and family. With a Loggia Conservatory you will be able to enjoy your new luxurious living space every day of the year.