4 vital signs that you need a replacement front door soon!

navy blue vintage doorHow many times a day do you or your family use the front door? That’s a lot of opportunities to think “this door is a bit stiff” or “the colour of this door has faded”. On top of all of this, safety may be an issue with older doors, with a 2018 study by MoneySuperMarket finding that up to 74% of thieves gain entry through the front door. New doors offer up-to-date security and peace of mind for homeowners. There may be other factors to look out for, we’ve collated 4 signs that it may be time to get a front door replacement.

You struggle to open it

Various factors, including weather, contribute to expanding and warping of a door. You may find older doors jamming and trickier to open or close, especially during the colder months. Save the morning workout fighting with the front door by getting a replacement, such as the range of uPVC doors from Falcon Installations available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit any taste.

There’s a draught

Increased energy bills cause a headache for any household, especially in the winter months. Draughts caused by inefficient windows and doors see precious warmth escaping from the home. A new energy efficient door could save you money on your energy bills with the chilly draught being a thing of the past.

Painting it hasn’t worked

The colour of front doors will fade over time and may become quite an eyesore. We’ve previously gone through the pros and cons of painting a uPVC door, but sometimes a lick of paint just doesn’t get the job done. Chipped and cracked paint can often make the door look worse, and in some cases may void its warranty. Considering a new colourful door is a great way to make your home stand out from the rest.

Range of doors in our Talbot Green showroom

Rust or cracks

Rust isn’t just a problem for coastal homes. It’s a common occurrence for many homes across the country and can affect the look and usability of the door. Cracks are generally caused by the door expanding in warm weather, and contracting in colder conditions, and more likely to occur over the lifespan of the door.

The ideal place to get your front door replacement

We’ve previously featured 7 beautiful entrance door designs to give you some inspiration. Pop into our Bridgend showroom to see some of these doors for yourself. We’ve also got a variety of windows and conservatories on display in our showroom. For further information or details on any of our products, contact us online or give us a call 01656 646 047.

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