7 Beautiful entrance door designs for your home

Homefront inspiration to enhance your property’s kerb appeal

If you’re a homeowner wondering what the best way to completely revitalise the front of your home might be, rest easy knowing than the generous range of colours we have at Falcon Installations do just the thing! We have experience improving homes all over South Wales for well over 25 years, allowing us to recommend which entrance door design may best suit your home’s aesthetic.

With so many colour choices on offer, it’s easy to be overwhelmed or dare we say it spoilt for choice, that’s why we’ve put together 7 of our best entrance door creations to provide you with some inspiration.

1. Olive Green

Bold, distinct and charming, having your new entrance door coloured in Olive Green instantly gives your home a sense of identity. Perfect for traditional homes who want to retain a vintage style or modern homes that want to add a touch of charm.

Olive Green

2. Golden Oak

The best choice for those wanting to evoke an authentic sense of traditional door styles, Golden Oak is a colour choice that successfully replicates the aesthetic of hardwood timber. It’s the best way to enjoy a heritage-style door with all of the modern benefits of uPVC.

Golden Oak door

3. Burgundy

Vivid and distinct when fitted into any style of home, Burgundy is a dark tone of red which oozes a sense of elegance whilst subtly making any additional door furniture pop against its dark tone.

Burgundy entrance door

4. Royal Blue

Striking to look at both for you and any passer-by, royal blue makes you home instantly stand out from the crowd with its bright yet elegant tone that will suit almost any style of property in South Wales.

navy blue vintage door

5. Black

One of the most versatile colour choices for your new entrance door, the classic Black colour is perfect for most property styles. Black is a simple yet effective colour choice that lets your home make a true style statement every time.

Black entrance door

6. Rosewood

Superbly vintage to boast the look of a traditional timber entrance style you’d typically find in the Victorian period, Rosewood never fails to look classical as well as beautiful.

Rosewood entrance door

7. Poppy Red

Warm, bright and instantly appealing, poppy red is the perfect choice for homeowners wanting to make the front of their home feel naturally inviting and distinctive.

Poppy red entrance door

Professional entrance door installations from Falcon

As well as your own personal preference, your choice of entrance door design will almost certainly depend on the style of home that you currently reside in. We hope that the above colour choices have helped place your options into perspective, but if you should need any more information on which colour would best suit your home, call us on 01656 646 047 or contact us online.

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