Why paying monthly for your new conservatory is better than using a credit card

Coin stackThere’s an endless amount of reasons why you might be considering having a conservatory installed on your property. Perhaps it’s to have a social space that’s habitable all year round whilst letting light in, or maybe you just need the extra room for general overspill and to provide much needed extra storage space. You might even just be interested in a conservatory for the added value it provides your home with. Whatever the reason, there might also be a reason why you’re hesitant to make the jump to having a conservatory installed.

The biggest hurdle for most people to cross when it comes to any kind of home extension is the payment process. For many people, the idea of paying for their conservatory in a lump sum is not plausible, so they instead turn to using their credit card which can be a stressful and drawn out process for some. At Falcon Installations, we’ve solved this problem by allowing people to pick from one of our many finance options to find a method that suits their budgetary requirements.

0% finance conservatories – buy now pay later

Pound coinArguably the easiest method, purchasing a conservatory through the 0% finance method can save you a lot of aggravation. By repaying the agreement in full within the deferment period, you won’t have any interest to pay and only a £29 exit fee will apply.
You can also wait 12 months after which you’ll commence 120 monthly repayments, but it should be noted that interest will have accrued from the start of the agreement and will be added onto your loan.

Pay monthly finance on conservatories

Another way to pay for a Falcon Installations conservatory is through monthly finance. This finance method is a quick and simple way to spread out the cost of your conservatory as opposed to paying the entire fee upfront.

You even get the choice of choosing between paying over the course of 60 or 120 months with the option to make extra repayments whenever you’d like. By making additional payments where you deem possible, you can reduce the term of the loan and the amount of interest paid.

Why paying monthly is better than using a credit card

CoinsIt’s more beneficial for you to pay monthly using one of our finance options than it is to pay using a credit card. This is because when purchasing something like a conservatory with a credit card, it will normally take a significant number of months to pay off and because it’s so long-term you can begin to be charged a considerable amount of interest on top of the original price.
If you have a poor credit record, you’ll also more than likely be charged a much higher interest rate.

Falcon Installations

In addition to our conservatories, Falcon Installations offers a huge variety of products, including many kinds of windows and doors. You can also find verandas, pergolas, and roofline products, so there’s something to suit every homeowner’s needs, and with our flexible finance options, there’s a way for everyone to cover the cost. If you’re not looking for a brand-new installation, we also have a repair service that can set your existing home right.

To find out more about our services, you can contact us or browse our finance options correct as of publishing (Jan 2019). Please refer to our finance page for the most up to date figures on our finance offers.

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