Sparkling white uPVC windows in Llantwit Major

white upvc windows

A recent installation in Llantwit Major saw the Falcon team update the thermal and acoustic insulation of a property with new white uPVC windows.

A property in need of improved aesthetics and energy efficiency

The windows in the property that Falcon was asked to improve had come to the end of their working lifespan. Like all things in the world, windows age. Generally, older uPVC windows last a couple of decades before they begin to lose their insulating power and start to look tired and grubby. The property-owners in this particular project wanted to improve the warmth of their home and so Falcon recommended that the homeowners replace these particular windows with a set of new, energy-efficient ones that utilised a multi-chambered profile design and high-quality double glazing.

High quality double glazing for exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation

Double glazing is now used as a standard form of glazing across the industry thanks to its enhanced thermal and acoustic insulation benefits. This type of glazing uses the insulating space between two panes of glass to slow the escape of heat from a building and reduce the effects of unwanted sound. At Falcon, all of our uPVC windows are rated A for energy efficiency, proving that our windows can help to keep a home warmer for longer, and for less money.

The multi-chambered inner profile design of the white uPVC windows we installed helps to further enhance the thermal insulation of the overall window unit. Hollow, but filled with a series of intricate thermal breaks for added insulation power, this profile helps to retain heat in a building for longer, making it perfect for improving the energy efficiency of a home.

A composite door for improved security and warmth

white composite doorThe installation went very well, and our team of experienced window fitters were able to fit the windows quickly and with a minimum of disruption to the homeowners. They were so pleased with the quality of the uPVC windows, that they also decided to install a composite door for enhanced security and thermal insulation.

Combining a timber frame, high-density foam core and a tough GRP skin, composite doors offer exceptional levels of thermal retention and security and are one of the highest performing doors available on the market. Again, the installation of this product was completed with no issues. The homeowners were incredibly satisfied with the result.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home with white uPVC windows from Falcon today

Improving the energy efficiency of your home by installing double glazing or a composite door can help you to save you money on the cost of heating bills. To find out more about how double glazing or uPVC windows could improve your home, give Falcon a call on 01656 646 047 or send us an email.

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