What to look for in a new front door

A new front door will give your home the grand entrance that it deserves. It sets the style tone for the rest of your home and it’s a great way to showcase your personality.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a new entrance door, such as security, thermal insulation as well as how it looks.

Grey apeer composite door


When it comes to selecting your new entrance door, you can choose between composite doors and uPVC doors.

uPVC doors offer low maintenance and durability, however composite doors have been the most popular new door choice for homeowners across South Wales, favoured for the fantastic style they offer. Composite doors strike the perfect balance between 21st century style and timeless beauty.

Combining a variety of materials, including uPVC, wood, insulating foam and glass reinforced plastic (GRP), composite doors offer modern performance and a real wood appearance.

You can create your composite door bespoke for your home, choosing from a range of colours, glass designs and hardware.

Go for ultra-modern style with an Anthracite Grey front door, with long panel glazing and long bar handles.

Keep it classic with enduring door colours, like Chartwell Green, Black, Red and White and decorative glazing.

If your home is a period property, classic colours and traditional symmetrical designs look best. For cottages, choose a stable door in wood-like colours, such as Golden Oak or Rosewood.

You can even make a style statement with vibrant shades of yellow, purple and blue.

Add the finishing touches with a choice of handle choices in a variety of colours, as well as the option of an urn or scroll knocker or a lionhead. You can also add a letterbox, security chain and spyhole.

Design your new front door down to the very last details, with the option of coloured glass designs, bevelled glass and fusion elements.


When choosing your new front door, we know that keeping your home safe and secure is at the top of your agenda.

You want to be sure that your entrance door will act as the perfect barrier against any unexpected intruders.

For top security, opt for our composite doors which feature 5-point, anti-pick, anti-bump, anti-droll and anti-snap locking systems with a dead bolt, anti-lift bolts and pre-compression rollers. Composite doors from Falcon can also withstand 1.5 tonnes of pressure, and they have internally beaded glass panes so the glazing units cannot be removed from the outside.

White apeer composite door


There are two important reasons why energy efficient entrance doors are vital.

The first is to reduce your energy bills and the second is to lower your carbon footprint.

A composite door works as an investment, as it increases the thermal insulation in your home, preventing heat loss.

Our composite doors are made with solid polyurethane foam core centres for superior insulation, uPVC frames have thermal inserts for reduced heat transfer, argon filled glazed panels and optional triple glazing.

This prevents cold spots and draughts, keeping your home at optimum temperatures so you needn’t blast the central heating.

Not only will this save you money on your bills, it will reduce the impact on the environment.

Expert installation

Once you’ve chosen the perfect new front door for your home, you need to pick the best installer to fit it.

Here at Falcon, we’ve been installing entrance doors in homes across South Wales for 30 years.

We know all there is to know about choosing the best products for your home’s needs and we’ve perfected the art of carefully installing our high-quality products.

You can find out more about our composite door range by visiting our showroom in Bridgend or calling us on 01656 646 047.

You can also let us know about your new front door requirements here. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for entrance door inspiration.

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