Can you have a log burner in a conservatory?

white upvc conservatory

Installing a conservatory is an excellent way to extend your home. They provide a bright and airy living area and stylishly connect your indoor and outdoor space. With modern advances in technology including solar control glazing and super-insulated uPVC frames, conservatories can now maintain an ambient temperature all year round. During the colder winter months however, you’ll probably want an extra source of heat to warm your conservatory.

Finding a practical conservatory heating solution

If you have a conservatory at your home or you’re thinking about installing one you’ve probably already considered the heating options. Extending your central heating system into your conservatory can be difficult. Largely glazed walls are not the ideal place to attach a radiator. Re-working your home’s plumbing system can also be expensive and disruptive.

If you feel like you’ve exhausted all the heating options, there may be something you haven’t considered. Have you ever wondered whether you can install a log burner as your conservatory’s source of warmth? The answer is YES! You certainly can, and it’s a great idea. An independent log burner could be the perfect heating solution for your conservatory.

The benefits of a log burner in your conservatory

Log burner

Installing a log burner into your conservatory is not as difficult as you may think. A log burner is versatile. It can be installed in any position in your conservatory because of its ‘stand-alone’ design. If your conservatory has a polycarbonate roof, a fully insulated flue can easily be put through an opening in the roof. It will then be fully sealed and tested to ensure compliance with air tightness regulations. If you have a glass roof conservatory, you may have to replace one of the panes with a specially fabricated glass pane with a space for the flue to pass through.

Log burners are a highly efficient source of heat. They quickly generate warmth and will create a cosy living area for your winter conservatory. Log burners can be used to burn natural wood or off-cuts of timber. If you want to burn coal, you’ll need a multi-fuel stove which allows air to permeate the chamber, initiating the initial combustion of the coal on a raised grate in the burner.

At Falcon Installations, we’ve installed hundreds of conservatories across South Wales. We offer a wide range of conservatory styles and can even design a custom conservatory to meet your exact specifications. If you’d like further information on our range of conservatories contact us today. Call us on 01656 646 047 or send us a message online.

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