Lean to conservatories for bungalows

conservatory-stylesIf you’re looking for a lean-to conservatory for your bungalow, you’ve come to the right place; this short guide contains all the information you’ll need to find one which is right for you.

Why choose lean to conservatories for bungalows?

Lean to conservatories for bungalows are ideal for a number of reasons, which are listed below.

  • They feature lower pitched roofs than other conservatories, making them ideal for use on properties lower in height.
  • With a design renowned for its simplicity, it can easily be adapted to fit more intricate spaces.
  • They also tend to ‘lean towards’ the lower end of the price spectrum, when compared to other conservatory styles.
  • Due to their square corners, you’re able to maximise the use of floor space.

Lean to conservatories with a dwarf wall

A dwarf wall is a small wall that is used to break up the glazing. The brickwork of it can be matched to that of your current property, however a range of stone choices are available to choose from. One bonus of a dwarf wall is the added window cill, which you can use to house plants, pictures or ornaments. You can incorporate your choice of windows onto a dwarf wall too.

Glass or tiled roof?

white upvc lean-to conservatory Which roof option is right for you will depend upon how you plan on using the conservatory. However, there are two roof options to choose from:

  • Glass roofs: Due to their transparency, glass roofs allow the maximum amount of light into your conservatory. If you’re looking to create a sun/garden room or you’d like a space where you can enjoy a nice summer’s evening, they’re ideal.
  • Tiled or solid roofs: These offer incredible thermal benefits, ensuring the conservatory space is a comfortable temperature right through the year. They feature a pelmet ceiling internally, which can be fitted with lighting and speakers. Although they allow in less light than a glass roof, Falcon can incorporate roof lights onto a solid roof, so more light can make its way in.

Interested in a conservatory for your bungalow or other height restricted property? Give the team at Falcon a call today. Falcon are a specialist conservatory installer with over 25 years’ installation experience. Alternatively, you can send us an online message.

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