How energy efficient are conservatories?

conservatory-styleIt’s common knowledge that conservatories are a great addition to any home, but there’s still a question lurking at the back of some cautious consumer’s minds; ‘how energy efficient are conservatories?’

You might be hesitant when it comes to having a conservatory installed simply because, like many others, you’re worried about the performance of certain factors – specifically when it comes to temperature. Nobody wants to spend the money on a conservatory only to find out it’s uninhabitable thanks to how cold or hot it feels, rendering your conservatory useless for half the year. Thankfully this fear is far from the reality as modern conservatories have taken every precaution to ensure they maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

What makes conservatories energy efficient?

Anybody could claim that a conservatory is energy efficient but if there’s no explanation then it doesn’t mean anything. There’s a number of factors that make our conservatories energy efficient and as a consumer, you deserve to know what it is you’re investing in.

Double Glazing

At Falcon Installations, all our conservatories come double glazed as standard, meaning they’re great at keeping in the heat. When a conservatory is double glazed, it has two panes of glass typically with a pocket of gas between them, causing the heat that would normally leave to get trapped instead. A conservatory with just one pane of glass can easily lose its heat as glass is a poor conductor of heat.

Solid roof

If you’re particularly worried about your conservatory being too cold in the Winter, you should consider having one of our solid conservatory roofs installed. We sell high performance solid roofs from Sentinel that offer significant thermal benefits. The insulated structural roof panels allow you to enjoy your conservatory all year round. That’s not all though, a solid conservatory roof is also great at keeping the sound of rainfall from being heard within your conservatory, unlike polycarbonate roofs.

Solar glass roof

You can increase the energy efficiency of your conservatory roof by opting for a solar glass roof. To the untrained eye, solar glass might look no different to your usual glass, but it can have an enormous impact on how energy efficient your conservatory is. Solar glass allows sunlight to pass through whilst reflecting a lot of the heat. This helps maintain energy efficiency as it’s easier to control the temperature when the heat of summer isn’t so intense. Modern glass roofs are also much better at keeping heat in compared to older polycarbonate roofs.

Falcon Steel Base

Durabase brick conservatory baseThe Falcon Steel Base is an alternative to a traditional concrete conservatory base and dwarf walls. The system uses a pre-built base and wall sections using a galvanised steel carcass for strength, insulation for improved energy efficiency and real brick tiles for the external walls. This makes it a much more efficient component and the exceedingly low U-values mean heat is easily retained within the space, reducing the household’s energy bills. The installation time for the Falcon Steel Base is also substantially less than that of a concrete conservatory base.

Falcon Installations

For a conservatory that remains at a comfortable temperature all year round and a variety of other products including windows, doors and orangeries, you can get in touch with Falcon Installations today or browse our website for more information.

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