How can I improve my old conservatory?


Dated conservatories used polycarbonate roofs – it’s time for a change!

Did you have a conservatory installed more than 20 years ago? Are you familiar with the following?

  • It’s too cold in Winter
  • It’s too stuffy in Summer
  • It’s really noisy when it rains or its windy
  • The roof glass is misted up or impossible to clean
  • It doesn’t match the exterior of your home
  • It’s not private enough – the neighbours can see in!
  • The roof isn’t doing any favours for your home’s aesthetics

If just one of these sounds familiar, you could benefit from conservatory roof replacement. Fortunately, Falcon Installations offer warm roofs – a solution that deals with every single issue mentioned above!

Warm roofs – enjoy your conservatory again

Dated conservatories are more often than not used for storage. By simply updating the roof, you could transform the space from an unused and unloved abyss into a comfortable and flexible room that the whole family can enjoy, all year round.

Warm roofs utilise lightweight tiles or slate, which is simply added to the existing roof if possible (which is usually polycarbonate). The new roof materials greatly improve energy efficiency, privacy and sound proofing.

Seamlessly connected to your home

Dated conservatory roofs don’t tend to be the prettiest of things to look at. But this can all change with high performance warm roofs. The stylish tiles or slate sympathise with the existing character of your home, whether it is more traditional or contemporary.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about misted up roof glass or dirty polycarbonate, as the warm roof will replace or cover it, and will last for years to come. This means you will spend less time having to worry about glass cleaning, and will have more time to spend actually enjoying your home.

South Wales home improvements experts

Falcon are the only name you need to bear in mind if your conservatory is going to waste. With our warm roofs, your living space can be given a new lease of life and become a usable part of your home once more.

We only ever use expert roof installers for conservatory roof replacement, so you can count on us to provide home improvements that last, both in terms of performance and style.

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