Everything you need to know about buying double glazing

Buying double glazing

Buying double glazing isn’t as complicated as you might think. Here are 10 things that you should do when it comes to buying double glazing.

Buying double glazing: what you need to know

1. Choose a double glazing installer with experience

Choosing a double glazing installer with experience is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the best quality products, and the best quality installation. Falcon have been installing high quality double glazing into homes across the South Wales region for over a decade, making us one of the most experienced companies in the region and one you can trust

2. Always choose an accredited installer

Accreditations help to show you the quality of an installer’s service and products without having to do business with them. A good quality double glazing installer will have a range of accreditations to their name. Falcon for instance, are TrustMark and BFRC accredited.

3. Try out your windows before you buy them

A good double glazing installer will have a showroom where you can see how a window, door or conservatory looks installed in-situ around a home setting. Here, you’ll be able to effectively ‘try before you buy’ making sure that you’re completely happy with your home improvement before you commit to it. Here at Falcon, we have a dedicated showroom in Bridgend, showcasing our entire range of windows, doors and conservatories.

4. Pay attention to Window Energy Ratings (WER)

WER ratings (Window Energy Ratings) help to determine the energy efficiency of a double glazed product. The system rates products on an alphabetical, rainbow scale of thermal and acoustic efficiency, with the highest performing, most thermally retentive products rated A, and the lowest rated G.

By paying attention to the WER ratings of a product, you can ensure that your new double glazing keeps your home sufficiently warm and that it can save you money.

5. Research the reputation of your double glazing installer

When it comes to the double glazing industry, reputations are everything. Testimonials and customer reviews can help you to find out the truth when it comes to the standard of a double glazing company. At Falcon our customer reviews are processed by the Independent Ratings Company, providing you with impartial information about the quality of our services and products.

6. Find out where your double glazing is made

It’s a fact, that British made double glazing will usually be of a higher standard than other double glazed units mass-manufactured in China. Always ask your double glazing installer where they source their products from and try to buy British whenever possible to ensure your windows are of the highest quality.

7. Make sure your double glazing company employs all of its staff directly

Very often, double glazing companies will outsource their installation teams, paying another company to conduct installations on their behalf. This means that you can’t be sure of the quality of your finished project. Reputable double glazing companies, like Falcon, employ all of their installation staff directly so that they can ensure a consistently high standard of work.

8. Make sure they don’t work cash in hand

If a double glazing installer only accepts payment cash in hand don’t deal with them. Some cowboys will work cash in hand to avoid paying their share of tax. Working cash in hand also makes it easier for them to keep your money if something goes wrong with the installation. Always choose a reputable installer who doesn’t deal with cash payments.

9. Beware of gimmicks

Confusing sales gimmicks are often used to trick customers into buying double glazing with hidden charges. A reputable double glazing installer will not have to rely on gimmicks to sell their products and services: their reputation should be more than enough.

10. Ensure your double glazing installer offers an Insurance Backed Guarantee

Insurance Backed Guarantees protect your deposit in the unlikely case of your double glazing installer going bankrupt or folding. IBGs are now a mandatory guarantee that all double glazing installers must offer: if a company doesn’t offer one, chances are they are not legitimate and legal.

Improve your home with double glazing from Falcon today!

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