Choosing the right conservatory style for your home

Luxury White Conservatory

If you’re looking for a way to add extra space, more light, increase value and inject style to your home, a conservatory is a sure-fire choice. The beautiful glass rooms create a glorious place to relax, enjoy time with family or to work from home in. The beauty of a conservatory is that you have so many options to choose from. We have a selection of conservatory styles available so you can choose the perfect glazed room to suit your property’s style and your individual needs.

Different conservatory styles for different needs

Here at Falcon, we offer a range of conservatory styles in South Wales, including Victorian, Edwardian, double hipped, gable, P & T shaped, orangeries, and solid roof. Selecting the right conservatory style depends on the look you’re looking to achieve, the space you have and what you’d like to use your conservatory for.

Victorian conservatories

Victoria conservatory

Victorian conservatories are seen as one of the most popular conservatory styles. They have stood the test of time and date back to the ‘golden age’ of conservatory design. The timeless style is characterised by a bow end, providing a curved front, as well as a steep roof and decorative ridge details. Although Victorian conservatories look beautiful on period properties, the beautiful design suits all property types.

Edwardian conservatories

Edwardian Conservatory

The beauty of Edwardian conservatories lies in their simplicity. They have a square, flat shape with a rectangular base and sloping roof. The sleek nature offers contemporary style that will complement all property types, while the rectangular shape and flat walls maximise space.

Double hipped conservatories

Double hipped conservatories feature a pitch on both sides instead of a flat face to connect the conservatory to the wall. This impressive, versatile design offers a fantastic fit for all property types, particularly for bungalows where height is a restriction.

Gable conservatories

RealRoof visual

Gable conservatories are distinguished by their gable end roof. The front panel is upright so light can shine directly through. This adds a sense of grandeur and gives the impression of increased space.

P & T shaped conservatories

If your property features long walls to build on, P & T shaped conservatories are the best choice. Available in either P, L or T shapes, the extra wings they provide means you can create lots of added space without intruding onto your garden too much. The clever design means you an even use your conservatory as two separate living areas.P, T & L shaped conservatories are available in a range of designs.


White upvc conservatory

Orangeries differ from conservatories as they feature brick walls as opposed to glass walls, so it feels more like an extension. The large windows and glass roof means that they still offer lots of light. The extra space that they create offer a more homely feeling, thanks to the increased privacy. Orangeries can make a real style statement with the addition of bifold or sliding doors.

Solid roof conservatories

For increased insulation, you can choose a solid roof conservatory. They still feature glass walls but have a solid tiled roof instead. This means you still benefit from the garden views, extra light and added space, but there is an element of warmth added to the feature.

A range of conservatory styles from Falcon

If you’d like to find out more about the conservatory styles we offer in South Wales, get in touch today. You can visit our showroom in Bridgend, call us on 01656 646 047, or fill in a contact form here. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram.

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