Can (and should) you paint your composite door?


Composite doors are now the most popular entrance door in the UK. When you’re thinking about a front door replacement, you’ve probably considered the options of installing a new composite door or painting composite doors.

What is a composite door?

Composite doors are constructed from a variety of materials. Composite front doors combine the inherent strength of a solid foam core with a durable and low maintenance uPVC outer frame. With the latest five-point locking system, a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) exterior and a range of colour finishes and glazing options; their rising popularity as replacement front doors come as no surprise.

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Can you paint composite doors?

Sometimes, homeowners like to have the option of being able to change the look of their entrance door. So, can you paint a composite door? Perhaps they’ve become fed up with the look of their old one and would like a red composite door instead. And why not? Red is a bright and bold colour, so a red composite front door is perfect for giving off a positive impression of your home. Painting composite doors can dramatically transform your home’s entire look. At Falcon Installations, we’re often asked the question: ‘can you paint a composite door?’ The answer to this question is yes.

It is possible to paint a composite door. If you use a good quality exterior primer and weather resistant exterior overcoat, it can be done. We’re also asked: ‘what paint should I use to paint a composite door?‘ Appropriate paint for composite doors are oil-based paints, meant for uPVC paint projects, you should seal your painted composite door with a layer of varnish. Painting a composite door is possible, however, it will always be difficult to achieve a finish to match the professional quality of the original composite door. Contact a member of our friendly team if you have questions about your current composite door and are looking for ways to enhance it’s performance and look.

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Should you paint a composite front door?

can you paint a composite door?

The answer to “should composite doors be painted?” is simply: no. When composite front doors are made, the colour is incorporated into the GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) skin during the manufacturing process. This method is used so that the colour will not crack, chip, or flake with general wear and tear, and will not discolour or fade over time. The composite door colour runs through the entire uPVC paint outer layer, so even with extended exposure to the sun, the composite door’s colour will retain its vibrancy.

Composite doors are designed to last, including the original paint for composite doors. Their composite door colours will stay looking fresh and new for many years to come. With only the occasional wipe down you can easily keep a composite door in tip-top condition as they are low maintenance. As mentioned earlier, if you really want to change the exterior colour of your composite door, it can be done.

Where can I get a replacement composite door?

It may be worth considering replacing your composite door if changing your door’s colour is important to you. Have you seen our range of composite doors for homeowners in South Wales? When considering the aesthetics of your door, you should also weigh up its current security and efficiency. A new composite door can keep the draughts out and reduce your energy bills. Get inspiration with our composite door designer or
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Can you paint a uPVC door?

Please have a look at our Painting uPVC doors – the pros & cons guide for more help with this.

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At Falcon Installations, our FENSA and Trustmark registered installers have fitted hundreds of composite doors. When professionally installed, a composite door will protect your home and improve energy efficiency well into the future. If you’d like to find out more about our composite doors or any of our products and services, contact us today. Call us on 01656 646 047 or ask us for a quote today.

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