Are composite doors any good? (Real homeowner advice inside!)

Apeer composite door SB27 Symphony Tahoe Black Abstract BlueComposite doors have taken the UK market by storm since their introduction. Offering the benefits of timber and uPVC doors in a single package sounds like an enticing product. They’re used as front doors and even back doors. You’ll hear a lot about their benefits, but the question remains: are composite doors any good?

Firstly, what is a composite door?

Whereas uPVC doors are made using plastic, composite doors are manufactured by fusing together a selection of different materials, such as polyurethane foam and glass reinforced plastic (GRP). Every material has been chosen for their specific properties, often strengthening the weaknesses of other doors produced using one material.

Composite doors are generally thicker than alternatives. Our composite doors come with high density polyurethane foam that is either 44mm or 70mm thick. The doors are finished with a lifelike grain, offering the timeless appearance of a traditional door.

And what about composite door security?

Poorly produced doors, whether uPVC, timber or composite, leave your home vulnerable to intruders. There are a few key indicators to check if the composite door is secure:

Secured by Design

Secured by Design (SBD) is a police initiative that was set up in the late 80s to curb high burglary rates throughout the country. Windows and doors were key weaknesses identified by officials. SBD worked with manufacturers and industry bodies to improve the overall quality of these products by boosting testing processes and manufacturing standards.

Although SBD certification is voluntary, it is a key indicator of a door that is manufactured to a high standard to keep your home safe. Since the launch of Secured by Design in 1989, there has been an overall reduction in property crime of 60%.

Advanced locking system

Seasoned burglars can easily identify doors with poor locking systems, so this is not one to take lightly. Having a door with multiple layers of protection offer better protection against forced entry. Composite doors from Falcon are supplied with high-quality multipoint locking systems as standard.

Our composite doors utilise a high-performance 5-point system that helps to add extra strength to the overall composite door and make it capable of withstanding even the most sustained of attacks. The doors also feature a deadbolt, anti-lift bolts and pre-compression rollers for additional peace of mind.

Security guarantee

We’re so sure of the security of our composite doors, that if you suffer theft from forced entry (apart from breaking the glass), we’ll re-install a replacement composite door free of charge*.

*Please note: a detailed police report must be provided to fulfil the security guarantee.

Our supplier, Apeer, put the door to the test against the 5-time winner of the UK’s Strongest Man competition, Glenn Ross.

Can I customise my composite door?

Most door companies will give a variety of customisation options, from colours and glazing to handles and letterbox finishes. With the option for a contemporary or more traditional look to the door, there’s guaranteed to be a composite door to suit your home and personal taste.

Why not design the perfect composite door for your home?

So…are composite doors any good and are they really worth the money?

Here’s a summary of the benefits of composite doors:

  • Composite doors provide a high standard of security to your home, protecting from even the most determined intruders

  • Composite doors add to the kerb appeal of your home by enhancing its overall look and customised to your requirements

  • The design of composite doors makes them energy efficient and reduces heat loss. Keeping the cold out and the heat in saving you money on your energy bills in the long run.

  • Composite doors require little to no maintenance. A quick wipe with a cloth and soapy water is all that’s needed.

  • Composite doors are durable and offer reliable protection for the South Wales elements, with a lifespan of around 35 years

Yellow apeer composite door

The verdict?

Composite doors are generally slightly pricier than a typical uPVC door, but they are worth the investment. As not all composite doors are created the same, make sure you’re investing in a quality product. Estate agents also suggest that updating the look of your front door could increase the value of your home to potential buyers.

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